Manual on Municipal Solid Waste Management - 2016


  • Vision for Municipal Solid Waste Management for the country in line with Swachh Bharat Mission
  • Mandatory provision for a State Strategy/Policy for MSW implementation in line with the SWM rules 2016 and the National Urban Sanitation Policy of Government of India.
  • A framework for ULBs to prepare a Municipal Solid Waste Management Plan in 7 simple steps.
  • An understanding of an "Integrated Solid Waste Management", as an approach.
  • A wealth of practical experience gained from many ULBs as well as successful international examples.
  • The need for state and regional strategies and handholding support to local authorities for MSWM with example from the country.
  • Improved institutional approaches and planning tools to ensure implementation in urban areas with practical examples from states.
  • Reflection of new technologies and approaches available in the MSWM sector in India.
  • Emerging issues and themes such as climate change, relevance of informal sector of MSWM as well as its links to gender equity and related issues.

The Structure of the Revised Manual

Part I: An Overview: Provides the salient features of the MSWM Manual for decision makers, elected representatives and bureaucrats at different levels of governance. It provides decision makers with guidance on the key issues of MSW management and promotes understanding of challenges and opportunities thereby guiding them in initiating necessary processes to achieve the goals.

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Part II: The Manual: This is the main body of the manual, primarily for the senior management, financial and technical heads of department at ULB level, health officers, technical staff and private operators. This part comprises of seven chapters providing a detailed designs of requirements on planning framework, adoption of several operating mechanisms and appropriate technologies for all aspects of MSWM. The manual also discusses the management of domestic hazardous waste including special waste steams which get mixed with municipal solid waste but need to be treated separately. This part provides a holistic approach towards technical, operational, institutional and financial management including PPP leading to sustainable MSWM.

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Part III: The Compendium: Comprises of national rules and guidelines, international practices on waste minimization, detailed designs of compost plant and landfill. The part is mainly for the operational staff, private operators, experts and training institutes for facilitating informed decisions.

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Last Updated:30-05-2018