The Ministry of Housing and Urban Affairs (erstwhile Ministry of Urban Development), Government of India, is  nodal  Ministry in  charge of various aspects of Urban Development including urban water supply and sanitation including municipal solid waste management and formulates the policies and strategies pertaining to various aspects of Urban Development in the Country. The Ministry also provides technical and financial assistance to the States.

Central Public Health and Environmental Engineering Organisation (CPHEEO) has been in existence for more than 60 years since its raising under the Ministry of Health in 1954, as per the recommendations of the Environmental Hygiene Committee, and has participated in all important sanitation programmes for the Nation. In 1973-74, the CPHEEO has been affiliated to Ministry of Urban Development (erstwhile Ministry of Works & Housing).  

CPHEEO, a technical wing of the Ministry, is a unique Central Government organization in that its entire strength is made up of post graduate engineers specialist in Public Health Engineering/ Environmental Engineering. The isolated posts of CPHEEO are staffed by Group ‘A’ officers who are selected by UPSC. CPHEEO has a current authorised strength of only 17 posts (5 in JTS, 5 in STS, 6 in JAG, 1 in SAG).

The organisation not only supports the Ministry in policy formulation but also handhold States by way of technical advice, guidelines, scrutiny and appraisal of schemes and propagation of new technologies in the field of water supply and sanitation including municipal solid waste management. CPHEEO deals with the matters related to urban water supply and sanitation including solid waste management in the Country. CPHEEO plays a vital role in processing the schemes posed for Bilateral and Multilateral funding agencies such as World Bank / JICA/ ADB/ KfW/ AfD and other external funding agencies.

Though water supply and sanitation is a State subject, the policies, strategies and guidelines are being provided by CPHEEO to the States & UTs Governments including Municipal Corporations / Committees. It acts as an Advisory body at Central level to advise the concerned State agencies and Urban Local Bodies (ULBs) in implementation, operation & maintenance of urban water supply, sanitation and solid waste management projects and helps to adopt latest technologies in these sub sectors. test

Last Updated:24-09-2020